Famous Dyslexics


Nature has a funny way of giving something back to make up for what it takes away. This is usually a gift, skill or talent. If you're dyslexic you probably have something that makes you in some way special. All you need to do is find out what it is and you're in business.

So if you're dyslexic, then you're in good company. What's more you have a good chance to do well and go far, as many of those pictured will tell you. Be proud of your dyslexia and glad to be different. It can really give you the edge in many professions.

There are literally thousands of famous dyslexics, which is not surprising when you consider, that to a greater or lesser degree one in five children are dyslexic. As each child will eventually become an adult, it follows that there are a great many dyslexics in every facet of life. Unfortunately most will not own up to being dyslexic. Sadly, this is usually because they have feelings of shame or because they believe they will be discriminated against or thought of differently once people know.

You will recognise at least some of the images of famous dyslexics pictured. They represent only an extremely small proportion of those, who have declared that they are dyslexic. However, they must be congratulated for their bravery and for the excellent way that they present themselves as positive role models for the next generation.